#DontGoBacktothePast: New Outlook and Attitude, Education, Forgiveness, and Life

Making life changes for the good shows God is working on your heart.


It’s no easy road for anyone to walk in making life changes. Never quitting on yourself despite what’s held against you shows unique character and a will to build a solid spiritual foundation of servantship. Don’t look at nor worry about people judging you for what you have or don’t have. Nevermind those who look down on you because you don’t have the college degree titles behind your name, or the expensive homes or luxury cars. You’re priceless.


Yes, it’s good to have the finer things in life. We all want them. It doesn’t mean you’re less of a person if you can’t afford it. You’re no less of a person if you are a man and can’t afford the finer things to please a lady. Maybe she’s not the one for you. Or perhaps there’s a better someone for you down the road. Or maybe, just maybe, you’re predestined without consciously knowing you may be a Ph.D one day. And a majority of women who rejected you in the past may secretly find out how well you’re doing years later without them and tried to calm your life.. Forgive them but don’t give them a second chance. Stay focused one’s spiritual and physical self improvement by doing the transformation. Steamroll ahead in life faithfully and don’t look at the past. It’s just that. The past. Going back to the past is not an option.Stay the course.Think positive and never quit. The past should inspire you with no delay to “get spiritually organized.”


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Words of wisdom: Giving freely yields passive blessings to shine on anyone. Being an honorable champion is to do things for others without expectation. A true champion empowers others, and feels a sense of accomplishment knowing you’ve helped someone else. Help someone if you know they need you. Whether it be bone marrow, words of encouragement, or praying for someone in having a heart of thoughtfulness. God rewards those who voluntarily helps others in positive ways.

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