#UltimateTransformation: Possible to Turn an Enemy into a Footstool?

Kindness, humility, not giving the reaction people look for in you when they throw a curve ball , and being neutral builds character.

It’s amazing how an adversary can throw a curveball at you, say things out of turn in secret, play like everything is cool and say they did nothing to you at all, when they themselves can’t take the pressure when it’s dished unto to them. Is that the mindset of a winner?

Little do those who try to say or do things to hurt others know that while they think they have messed up a grand opportunity for the person who strives daily, they have indirectly allowed the other person whom they have competed against and silently showed jealousy towards take their blessings.

It’s not a good thing to compete against others. Work together, and feel happier in your heart you did something to the good of others, for that is the genuine act of a real business champion. Always think positive and never cease from doing the transformation work.

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