#OnlineAdversity: Using Negativity to Fuel #PositiveThinking

Getting it together spiritually is supported by God who directs our path.

When people hate that means the Lord Jesus Christ has a special blessing in store for you.

Before the founder of Drewry News Network decided to get serious about launching a business online, the founder was silently being harassed online by someone. The person who harassed the founder of Drewry News Network would say ignorant things such as telling the founder what to do, saying nasty things such as [desperate and needy] and so 4th. The person motivated the founder of this site in a positive way to go above and beyond in entrepreneurial ventures in turning what could’ve been an out of hand negative experience, into something inspiring beyond imagination today.


When people hate on you, it simply means you’re doing something right. You’re on the right track in life when that same individual, or cluster of ppl keep attacking your persona at random times. When someone or a group comes at you ignorantly awkward, let it help your small business to succeed even more.


‘Inspiration Overcomes Desperation’

Being an honorable person does not entail talking behind the backs of others, or, contemplating having opportunities taken away from them, because of jealousy. Adversity fuels the fire of unleashing hidden positive energy in double slip switching negativity into opportunity.

Never let what people do or say hurt your business or your character. Rise up in humility, and keep on smiling. That’s how you keep adversaries guessing while thinking positive.

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