#FamilyDrama: Can You Remain a #PositiveThinker When #FamilyMembers Turn on You?

#FamilyDrama & wrongful #termination by your #former #employer are #adverse #experiences #preparing you to be a #future #sidehustlemillionaire. #Patience #yields #Greatness!
Most people would never entertain the thought that some or all family members would turn on them. Some family members that felt jealous of others during childhood transition into adulthood harboring the same feelings. And the same feelings intensified.

In today’s generation, family members are likely to turn on others for many reasons.

Are you a victim of family slander? Family jealousy? Do you have an aunt, cousin, uncle, niece or nephew who you have a family problem with and they slandered you or said something to create “enmity” in the family against you?

Stay tuned for a future blog discussing “family feuds,” and ways you can creatively deal with “family drama” while remaining positive in your train of thought.

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Always remember everything you experience in life, whether it’s family turning on you, narcissist employers secretly setting you up for wrongful termination, being falsely accused, or anything else adverse is nothing more than a spiritual test to see what you’re made of. And it’s also subliminally prepping you to be a near future “side hustle millionaire.”

People always come running back when they find out in secrecy you’re doing good without them either trying to speak direct, or speaking through other people. The tune changes in everyone toward you, when the one they put down turns around and became prosperous. Transformation has a way of making your enemy your “footstool.”

Never give up in the uncertain game called life and keep “doing the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation.”

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