#FantasticFriday: Positive Thought of the Day

#success is already #achieved #half #way when you #show up & stay #consistent

You’re 1 step ahead of everyone through consistency of showing up daily. That’s 1/2 the battle won already!


Show up on time to the job. Show up to an event before the scheduled time.  Showing up anyway to the job when your employer can’t stand your guts for personal reasons. Showing up and being punctual regardless of anything speaks volumes about your spiritual character and work ethic.


Show up because it’s in you to succeed. Show up because it demonstrates healthy thought pattern. Show up because it’s priming you to be a future “side hustle millionaire.” Show up because when you’re consistent in doing so, you automatically thwart naysayers in failing to win against you. That’s when you know you’re really doing the transformation work.


Showing up is putting you way ahead of competition, steps closer to spiritual and entrepreneurial “Greatness,” and makes you better in everything you do across the board beyond achieving future [side hustle millionaire] status.


Just show up and be persistent. Things slowly but surely change for the better when you do. Persistence pays off!

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