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There is one God and HE is The Lord Jesus Christ.


In the mind and eyes of a narcissist, they’re always right. That’s certainly not the case. Narcissist, at least most of them, are one-track minded individuals who allegedly feel the world revolves around them and others should bow down. Bowing down to another human being is never an option.  The Lord Jesus Christ who is God Almighty is the only one the entire world should bow down to. Bowing to people is obsolete! No bowing to people under any circumstances!

If a narcissist does you wrong for whatever reason, forgive them immediately in your heart. Holding onto anything against a person is not worth it. Never allow a person to rent space in your head. Forgive them, move on with your life, and know that God has your back in helping you achieve a brighter future. A narcissist only forfeited their blessings and allowed you to legitimately steal it from them.

When a narcissist plots on you, they forfeit all their blessings as you legitimately steal it from them in longevity. And the sad news is, they can’t do a stinky thing about it.q

When God is in something and God is on your side, it doesn’t matter if the entire world is against you. It can’t be emphasized enough to forgive the narcissist (s), and keep moving forward with your life.

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