How to Defeat a Narcissist #Employer When You’re Right

#Sidehustle #entrepreneursIn times when your employer is wrongfully accusing you of things, setting you up for termination through sneaky tactics and pitting employees against you, and denying you a rightful raise, it’s best to either keep quiet. Or you minimize your words in conversation between you and the employer. They test the water with different scenarios to see what works and what doesn’t either direct or through other employees. Stay positive in your thinking and ignore your employer when necessary.


They may wrongfully try to hit you with insubordination, but it’s not. Ignoring your employer for peace sake is the best thing to do when you’re right. Your employer is drink off of sin. Do the RIGHT thing by keeping cool in a tight situation in the workplace. It’s just a bridge job you have for the moment until better days come along. There’s only one direction you’re going in life and that’s UPWARD BOUND!

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