The One Unwritten Rule in Your #Career: #Disobey Your #Employer When Necessary

Always have a backup plan in place as a positive thinker before and after applying for employment with any employer. Reason being is because they’ll do things to you in secrecy after they hire you. Most employers seek to quietly enslave employees into making them “yes men,” and will do things such as withhold a deserving pay raise to keep you in bondage. Starting a business before and after any kind of employment is good. You get to work on your side hustle while working for an employer who might later defect on you. If you get terminated for whatever reason not of your own fault, you still have something positive to look forward to. When your employer tries to back you in a corner and force you to do something against your personal will and threaten you with termination of other corporate consequences, by all means DISOBEY your EMPLOYER!


Entrepreneurship is an ideal route to pursue though you’ll be out of a job and your employer sits back in secret laughing how they got you fired. They think they got away with it. But the day of Pentecost will reveal all skeletons.

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