It Pays to #ThinkBig: You Can Defeat a Narcissist Like That!

The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD alone knows everything before it happens. HE knows every hair counted on your head, every thought before you think about thinking it, and your every move before you think it. There is nothing GOD doesn’t know. When you strive to live for HIM, it doesn’t matter what people do to you nor the doors they try to close. The door GOD has for you no one can shut. They can hinder your progress, but never stop you.

Have #faith when #trouble arises in your #life

People will slander you. Family, Satan’s imp employers, phony friends that only hang around when you have money, then falsely accuse you or set you up spitefully to achieve their personal spiritual agenda. Little do they know that they’re allegedly doing GOD‘s will without knowing.  Out of every negative situation there’s a rose spontaneously growing from cracks in the concrete. Never allow people to make you feel defeated or it’s the end of the world for you without them supporting you. People will always try to bring you down to make themselves feel as if they’re superior to you. Their ability is limited. When they think they’ve enslaved you, outfox them by trusting in GOD and thinking bigger than what’s happening in the moment. The riches and power the wicked posses is only earthly. Losing unhealthy spiritual weight goes further than running on a treadmill and eating healthy food. It requires thinking bigger spiritually and allowing GOD to soften your heart and order your steps. It’s not your calling to be a small potato. Your way of thinking is too big for most people. And that includes a narcissist. Narcissists who expect you to virtually bow down to them gets no acknowledgement from you because of your belief in The LORD Jesus Christ. Bowing down to GOD is submission to being an obedient person striving to be like HIM and refusing to bow to people.


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