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It can be difficult emotionally to think straight after breaking up. You envisioned yourself spending your rest of your life with that special someone. Have you ever thought that the breakup was meant to happen? It might be because the person you’re with may not be spiritually compatible with you later down the road. You’re probably going through a spiritual transformation right now whereas certain qualities with in you are starting to surface that possibly resulting in the breakup. In order to grow in life, everything about you must change spiritually, physically, and mentally. Growth can’t happen unless change occurs. Change will occur one way or another. Regardless of any kind of change, always remain in a positive state of mind.




Regardless how you feel in the moment after breaking up, the feelings you feel now will potentially fade away later down the road. What you feel now is not permanent because it’s a growing phase in learning how to deal and control whatever is felt within. It’s also your personal test to see how far you will go in life without the person you hoped to live the rest of your life with. While it will be a rocky road for the moment fighting off feelings for that former special someone you hope to be your soulmate, you have to stay thinking positive and moving forward with your life in all positive ways. This means moving forward with going to church regularly and seeking the precious gift of the Holy Ghost for your spiritual salvation so the Lord Jesus Christ can bless you with a perfect soulmate and not a soul mate you chose on your own, your educational endeavors, getting up and going to work every day or working your own business, maintaining positive relationships with business partners, friends, and family members, and so on.

Positive thinking requires a visionary mindset and 8/2 mind to it you were the most trying times. Life guarantees no one a lifestyle of peaches and cream. You will endure emotional trouble, former ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriends allegedly taunting you after a breakup and poking fun at you, allegedly being made fun of because where you are not at in life and being broke, and the list goes on. Keep on moving forward with a positive mindset regardless of any relationship outcome. People will treat you any kind of way because they have personal issues with themselves. They want to bring you down to their level. It’s an unwritten rule and in unwritten obligation for you rise up above immature people and dealing with breakups by striving for excellence to get organized cross the board and be the better person by moving forward and not looking back.

Going back to the past and never contacting the person who broke up with you all you broke up with is a positive sign of maturity and growth spiritually and mentally. Dealing with breakups can make you a spiritually sound person and a very rich person later down the road in starting your own business. So while you deal with your feelings in the moment and hoping the person would come back so you could be together again, deal with the fact that person you just parted ways with is a huge blessing in your life in a subliminal way. You’ll get over those feelings sooner or later so deal with them for now and think positive every day.

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