#SkeletonsInYourCloset: All #Narcissists Are Already ‘Figured Out’

HE knows. And HE knows everything.  Not she. HE!

Think you’ve done something and it’s swept under the rug? No one will know? Guess WHO knows? You hate to hear that NAME. Yup. It’s known. And narcissists who think “I think, I think, I, I, I” they’ve pulled a slick 50 move and came off on another caper doing something to someone thought wrong.

Losing weight is good, especially when everyone notices. But losing the unhealthy spiritual weight is even better. Losing weight also involves refusing to case alcohol in the freezer and cooking your meats well done. And eating Gratify gluten free chips won’t help weight loss efforts. Eating raw meat is not good for human consumption. Transformation of character overcomes narcissism across the board. And while most narcissist feel that they’re “1 up” on someone, little do they know they person they plotted against in secrecy has spiritually ghost ridden their mind and searched their mind to figure out the thinking pattern of the narcissist, quietly beating the narcissist at their own game without their knowledge. Sooner or later, the narcissists’ reign of emotional and spiritual terror on others spontaneously ceases and desists, successfully slipping out of their hands and escaped.

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