#UnwrittenRule in Life: ‘Never Bow’ to #Narcissists

Taking your entrepreneurial vision to the public 9th step requires swimming away from safe waters…

When that negative energy from a narcissist contemplates against you, hit back harder from left field by counterattacking out of the wood works in a way that your success is a shield to further attacks. When haters hate and attack, counterattack that. Not with physical violence, but complex intelligence. The defense is intellectually relentless. Intelligence multiplied by mental elegance equals ignorance is totally irrelevant.

Alibaba.com founder Jack Ma is a fine and honorable example of someone who started from the bottom and refused to be conned by narcissists.


Truth: Narcissists can’t figure out how a spiritually driven person prospers. You can have a virtual field day with a narcissist by applying their own medicine on them spiritually without them reaping a 0% return on their investment. And there’s nothing they can do about it except stay drunk and emotionally perplexed in their failure.

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