#StayHumble: Words of Wisdom for Honorable Character Building

Whatever trials and tribulations you experience in life, don’t allow people to change your character. People will say and do all sorts of things to change you from a good person to otherwise. They will lie on you. They will try to force you to do things against your will. Family members will slander you. Friends will walk away from you. Most people only come around when they see you doing good financially. Whatever the case is, stay humble and keep moving forward.


Let your words be carefully chosen. Be wise in your judgment. Have mercy on people. Despite anyone using you or profiting from your hard work, continue doing good  for them and others who mean no good toward you. This is true transformation of the heart and not allowing people to change your heart. Never shurn away from having a good heart and good will because of one person or some people being bad apples in a bunch.  Let your light shine from your heart and soul despite any adversity. You are stronger than you think.

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