Another Blessed Day in Striving for Excellence

Today is another day to give GOD thanks. HE always gives to us.

Christ is GOD and GOD alone. HE has no partners. No rivals.  Nothing. There is no trinity. No three gods. Only one. And that one is Jesus Christ, LORD of LORDS, and KING of kings.

dnn openly acknowledges The Lord Jesus Christ shamelessly before everyone.

Today is a day to rejoice and be glad in it. Include God in all of your daily positive activities. Thank HIM in front of people without worry about “what people think.” Honor HIM in prayer, thought, word, and good deeds towards others. Even do good towards those who spitefully use you, speak evil and all manner of lies against you. Take joy in suffering. Goodness is up the good for you. Hang in there and be a good solider!


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