#TerminatedToMillionaire: 5 People Who Got Fired and Succeeded Becoming a #SideHustleMillionaire

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Purpose of the above image: The road to “side hustle millionaire” status and being a millionaire for life is not a straight road nor an easy one to tread. You’ll experience many milk duds along the way known as wrongful termination. Most employers set employees up to be yes women or yes men slowly but surely as a means of corporate enslavement. They set employees up along the way for termination, sit back and laugh about it. When they find out in secrecy the same employee they set up top get fired becomes a millionaire years later off of what the employer said, did, and treated them at the time, employers quietly start feeling some kind of way about their past actions. This is how most millionaires achieved lifetime wealth.


Welcome back to the positive affirmations blog where the blog posts written are crafted to inspire you to take a negative and transform it to a positive. It’s tough in most situations to deal with negativity and bite your tongue from saying something you may regret later. The additional purpose of this blog is to inspire you not just to take a negative and transform it into a positive through positive thinking and having a long-term vision for your life and spiritual well-being, but also taking the bad things that happened in your life and using it in a unique way to start a business with the intention of becoming a side hustle millionaire. Many side hustle millionaires who are beyond successful today started out just like you from the bottom. They were bullied. They were picked on by people in the neighborhood. They were verbally, spiritually and emotionally abused by their narcissist employer. They will slander by family members and some family members who claim they are church-going people. Many side hustle millionaires who achieved every Financial goal they set out to accomplish experienced the worst of the worst. Before mentioned is only some of unlimited adversities people face. It’s not what happens to you. It’s how you deal with it and use it to your positive builds character, net worth, and brings out hidden leadership qualities within.


You’re probably one of millions of Americans that gets up in the morning, showers before work, arrives at work, and following a routine you’ve been doing for the last few years. You go to work out of routine because you’re getting a biweekly paycheck, go in the back of your mind you’re unsure if you’ll last at that company for the next 10 to 25 years. You’re probably one of millions of employees in the United States today staying on your job until the wheels fall off, which simply means you’re there to get a paycheck until your narcissist employer or the human resources generalist finally drops the axon you and says you’re fired, or clock out and go home before I call the cops. it’s time for you to break that cycle and take a leap of faith into side hustle online entrepreneurship. The good news about taking up a side hustle online is you are basically positioning yourself for the future if in the event your let go from your daytime employment for any or no reason. Some states have adopted the at-will law, meaning an employer can basically terminate your employment without reason. Believe it or not, most employers in America will secretly terminate your employment if you dare to claim religion. A perfect example would be an employer asking an employee why they can’t work on Sunday. The employee may not want to work on Sunday because either they go to church every Sunday or every other Sunday, or they just don’t want to work Sundays while everyone else gets to relax. The employer can then find a secret reason in terminating the employee because she or he said Sundays will not work for them in terms of working.


A side hustle is basically a second job you create Yourself by working from home or your laptop or smartphone by working on a blog or website and selling products and services. If you start your side hustle early while you’re gainfully employed and something happens down the line, you basically have plan be intact before the axe was dropped on you months and years ahead of schedule. Working on the side hustle even when your employment is stable for the moment and you think you have a future with the company or your possibly close to retirement helps you build up discretionary income. Additionally, side hustling online will help you pay off personal debt and live off of the internet as you’re 100% full-time income. You have to focus and dedicate yourself to this line of work because when your day job decides to terminate your employment, that’s where the awesome power of the internet can work for you and being a great financial substitute. And if you have been terminated by your employer wrongfully, starting a side hustle online is the best way to positively get revenge against them for firing you and humiliation in the workplace. How do you think your narcissist employer will feel in secrecy if they found out long after they terminated you, you became a millionaire off of their wrongful acts? They would feel pretty low on the inside, don’t you think?


Believe it or not, there’s many people in America today who are wrongfully terminated and use the negative energy from how their employer treated them before and after termination to become side hustle millionaires. You can do the same thing too if you put your mind to it and do the transformation business work.


This post was originally intended to post over the weekend but unexpected things came up. Please excuse the tardiness.


While it’s never easy to deal with termination in the moment, there’s a sophisticated way of keeping your head held high while you’re on your way out the door. You see, narcissist employers do things and secrecy because they themselves are cowards. They work for their master with 100% loyalty. And their masters name is Satan. So you’re wondering how you can keep your head held high before walking out the door, right? It’s not that difficult but it does require you to maintain a cool demeanor. If you have knowledge in advance or even a slight clue that your employer, Human Resources generalist, and some of your coworkers are plotting in secrecy for your employment ouster, the one thing they’re looking for is for you to act out. Acting out gives them the complete victory over you. Additionally, acting out also opens the can of worms for them to potentially call the cops on you and say that you’re a threat in the workplace. You can keep your head held high before your terminated by continuing to do your job. You can also keep your head held high by coming to work dressed as if you are the operations manager or ceo of the company. While knowing you’re on your way out of the door very soon, the cool demeanor and professionalism will help you have a piece of mind despite the fact you’re out of a job very soon. You can also keep your head held high before and after termination because you did the job to the best of your ability while you were employed. if your employer conspires in secrecy like a p or coward they are for your termination despite the fact that you continued to bring in business for the company and customers like you to the point of repeatedly giving you their business, this is one of many reasons for you to keep your head held high.


Just because a jealous and prudent employer full of pride secretly plots on your termination does it mean you no longer hold worth as a productive servant. It means they sold their soul to the point of mixing your progress just for the moment period notice… Just for the moment. You came to work. You strove to have positive relations with your employer and co-workers. You went above and beyond to the best of your ability to generate revenue for the company. That alone is enough to keep your head held high. Lastly, you should always improvise ahead of schedule in having a plan B and additional backup plans should your employment fold up for any reason. Working on a side hustle business project is another way of keeping your head held high during wrongful termination and walking out the door. never allow any employer to make you feel that the company you work for will provide you any type of financial security. Truth is, we’re living in an age of employment uncertainty, information technology, and an era where people are becoming quiet side hustle millionaires off of side business projects they work on in their spare time. A side hustle is a business project you were gone as a labor of love whether you make money in the beginning from it or not. Side hustles or also ideal as the ultimate backup plan in the event that your employer turns heel on you and gets your employment terminated because of a personal Vendetta they have against you such as religion. Working on the side hustle while working for your employer not only helps you to have a back-up plan in place way ahead of time before you’re terminated, but it also helps to instill self-confidence, humility, keeps your head held high, and puts you in the driver’s seat for being a future side hustle millionaire. The sweetest revenge you can get against your former narcissistic employment is ignoring them if they contact you by email, regular mail, Facebook, or any other social media platforms for whatever reason.


You can also get the sweetest revenge against your former narcissist employer by ignoring Satan’s imp and continue the journey in your entrepreneurial endeavors to achieve side hustle millionaire status. Your former employer will quietly feel stuck on stupid and baffled if they find out and secrecy less than 5 years after they got you wrongfully terminated, you achieved the status of becoming a millionaire. And becoming a side hustle millionaire off of the negative energy your employer exerted towards you during your time of employment with the company. That’s the sweetest revenge any former wrongfully terminated employee can get. And ignoring Satan’s imp when the former employer or former co-workers who conspired for your termination in secrecy when they try to reach out to you on social networks or see you in public. by the time you reach side hustle millionaire status, you’re a completely transformed person and have no reason to have any relations or conversation with those wicked people from the past. You capitalized off of their negativity by using the power of positivity and took their money from them by starting your side hustle and becoming a millionaire. That’s a lot to be thankful for even though wrongful termination was supposed to hurt.


It’s hard to differentiate feelings of knowing if a war is waged against you by your employer personally, or if the war is waged against you because you cleaned religion on the job. When your employer starts to attack you immediately in the beginning of your employment after claiming religion, yes, it’s a personal war in a sense that it’s waged against you because you had the audacity to speak up and claim the Lord Jesus Christ as your lord and savior on the job. It’s also a spiritual war your employer waged against the Lord because of their distaste 4 the Lord Jesus Christ. and because their distaste was concealed prior to your employment as a new hire, you brought something out of your boss the moment you had the heart to step up and claim Holiness and the Lord Jesus Christ. As your employer continues to attack you on the job personally because you claimed religion, you should focus on transitioning out of the mindset of feeling and thinking your employer wage war against you. Yes, your job is now officially in Jeopardy because you planted a seed in your employer’s mind that Jesus Christ is your LORD and Savior. Focusing on doing your job to the best of your ability for the duration of your employment and ignoring adverse slurs your employer may say to you when no one is around is one of many ways of getting out of the mindset that it’s a personal war waged against you. Another way that you can get out of the mindset is reminding yourself of the fact that the job is just for the moment. In other words, it’s just a bridge job. A bridge job is nothing more than a job to hold you over until the next employment opportunity comes along, or using that bridge job as a means of saving up money to start your own business and invest in paid advertising for your future entrepreneurial endeavors. Simple as that.


Whatever your employer says or does to you adversely simply ignore it. whatever spiritual issues your boss has is not between you and them. It’s between them and the Lord thy God. lastly, come to work every day with a smile on your face and a positive mindset despite any negative way your employer treats you. Having a positive attitude, a Visionary mindset where you see yourself in the next 5 to 10 years with or without your employer, and keeping cool in situations where your employer says things against you spiritually or otherwise we’ll show them they have no control over you mentally. Your employer can be defeated across-the-board through the awesome power of positive thinking and maintaining a positive attitude. And if they keep running off at the mouth sideways, simply ignore them. That’ll eat them up on the inside.


5 ordinary people just like you who went from terminated to millionaire:

Grant Cardone  – The mega multi-millionaire didn’t achieve his entrepreneurial goals before experiencing humiliation and wrongful termination. Grant claims he’s been terminated from five jobs and has hit rock bottom before. According to an article on cnbc.com, Grant says he doesn’t blame anyone or fault them for being poor. However, his mindset is being poor financially is nothing more than virtually a mere State of Mind. Grant also goes on to mention about termination that living in the past and reminiscing over it is not good. It’s not good in a sense because if you’re a career minded person looking to work for someone else for the next 20 or 30 years, your past experience of being terminated May hamper your current thought process in a sense that all employers are the same. In fact, termination can be the best thing that ever happened to you. Grant Cardone went from rock bottom to being a multi-millionaire. A [side hustle millionaire], that is. He worked on his businesses starting from the bottom as a side hustle with the intent of becoming a future online millionaire regardless how many jobs he was terminated from. When employers think they have the best of you because they fire you for personal reasons, little do they know they gave you enough mental and spiritual ammunition to forge ahead with your ultimate goal of being a “side hustle millionaire.” You’ll have a lot to thank your employer for years down the road after you earn your first few million dollars and thank them for humiliating and wrongfully terminating you.


Tim Chen, founder of NerdWallet.com – Who said the struggle isn’t real? Tim Chen was terminated and unemployed in 2008. The near billionaire today knows everything about struggle. He started his side hustle millionaire blogging Journey back in 2008 during the financial crisis when George W Bush was president in United States. Chen receive his pink slip back then after working at the hedge fund company. He’s college-educated, knowledgeable about making wise Financial moves, but still remained vulnerable 2 spontaneous termination. Though Tim wasn’t humiliated on his job, he was let go. He worked for the hedge fund company Perry capital for four years according to the article on CNBC. Tim is a very achievement-oriented person according to CNBC and he’s motivated beyond the norm to achieve his goals. He’s a graduate from Stanford University in California and goes above and beyond to make things happen. He was out of work at the time in 2008 when he coined up the idea of starting the NerdWallet blog as Tim says in the article “sitting around twiddling my thumbs, while out of work.”with a winning spirit and refusing the lose in the uncertain game called life, the article also says in so many words that Tim Chen’s sister asked him to look for a credit card with lower foreign transaction fees. The article mentions and so many words that Tim told his sister he would get back to her as he would Google.com the answer for her and let her know. Lo and behold, this is around the time Tim came up with the idea to start the NerdWallet blog. CNBC article also goes on to mention that Tim used $800 of his own personal savings to start the blog living in Manhattan. Tim was very blessed at the time to start the blog successfully from humble beginnings while unemployed living in New York City. Everyone knows how expensive minimum rent in Manhattan can be starting from roughly $2,000 monthly & better. The $800 he invested to start NerdWallet went toward things like domain fees and dedicated web hosting costs. He created content using his amazing knowledge of finance and created spreadsheets for the blog. Starting from the bottom while terminated and broke and eventually running out of money to pay his Manhattan rent, he felt no choice but to move in with his girlfriend. NerdWallet only earned $75 in the sites first year, according to the CNBC article. Chen was also eating Subway sandwiches daily as a means of saving money. CNBC also goes on to mention that NerdWallet went from $75 in the first year to earning $60,000 in revenue the 2nd year, while unsure if he should go out and look for another job as a means of maintaining gainful employment while working on the blog as a side hustle. He didn’t allow the fact of being let go hamper his motivation from going forward with his side hustle millionaire mindset. If he can do it, so can you. It all starts with thinking positive and doing the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation, regardless how many jobs you’ve been terminated from wrongfully.


John Crestani – Forbes has an amazing article discussing the rock bottom struggle of now multi internet side hustle millionaire John Crestani. Crestani was let go from his job a year after NerdWallet founder Tim Chen was forcefully checked out of his. John is a PPC advertising Mastermind who earned over six figures for his boss working at a marketing firm back in 2009. the marketing firm is in Los Angeles according to the Forbes article. not only did John teach himself pay-per-click advertising and minted a heavy and pretty penny for his employer, but his employer also humiliated him by refusing to give him a pay raise. Most narcissists employers do that as a means of keeping employees working and turning them in secrecy to Yes Men. Conceited narcissist employers who end up doing things like that openly display their spiritual net worth which is absolutely nothing. John refused to take this type of treatment from his employer. What he did and retaliation of not getting a pay raise was mentally checking out of the job, according to the Forbes article. Checking out of a job means that you’re still showing up for work, but you’re producing less and only there to get a paycheck regardless if you sell or not. So what Jon did in retaliation of not getting a pay raise was armed with knowledge of PPC online advertising, he started using his knowledge of paid advertising to get clients for his own online business ventures. He started dabbling in affiliate marketing and focused on a goal to become a side hustle millionaire. Additionally, not only did he want to achieve the future status of being among the elite side hustle millionaires, but he wanted to travel all over the place. But he had to earn the money first before he could move forward with his traveling ambitions. John eventually learned side hustle millionaire status and achieved the goal of earning half a million dollars monthly from his affiliate marketing Ventures. Not only did he achieve side hustle millionaire. If John can go from being rejected and humiliated for a pay raise and eventually fired and Achieve side hustle online millionaire status, so can you. John is no better than you as he is an everyday person. Going from terminated to millionaire is a mindset and it will test you to see what you’re made of as an aspiring entrepreneur. Don’t look at the current situation that your employer is wrongfully firing you. Most employers wrongfully terminated employees with the agenda of mentally and spiritually bringing them down to nothing. Defeat your employer Now by believing you can go from terminated to millionaire and go above and beyond in achieving side hustle millionaire status. You are what you think.


Oprah Winfrey – Oprah struggle starting from the bottom and achieving a status beyond side hustle millionaire is not a fairy tale. Oprah really went through some horrific events in her life before achieving side hustle billionaire status. The larger-than-life billionaire today known as TV talk show host Oprah.com. cnbc article mentions in so many words that Oprah Winfrey’s life was far from fabulous. She was born to an unmarried teen mother according to the article, grew up in poverty, and without the article saying the direct word, Oprah was a victim of incest. She was raped by a family member. the article goes on to mention in so many words that Oprah Winfrey became a black female news anchor, the first one before 20 years old working at a TV station in Nashville, Tennessee before landing a co-anchor position in Baltimore, Maryland. While on the job and either Nashville or Baltimore, Winfree was sexually harassed and humiliated at her job and eventually fired 8 months after joining in Baltimore. Did Oprah Winfrey get fired for blowing the whistle? Regardless if she got fired or not for whistleblowing, she didn’t allow the wrongful termination to bring her down to the point of making her feel like less than nothing. She pulled herself up from the bootstraps and started not long from her termination her own TV talk show in 1986. She’s been on TV since and achieved billionaire status at 49 years Young. She was a victim of incest, wrongfully terminated, and didn’t have a stable place to live to call her own. Yet she continue to rise by believing in her ability to do the transformation business work out of inspiration or desperation. Oprah Winfrey is no better than you. If she can do it, so can you. Believe that you can go from terminated to millionaire just off of positive thinking and put those thoughts into action. Not now, right now!


Thomas Edison and Walt Disney –  The Balance Careers has inspiring quick excerpt on the termination of Walt Disney and Thomas Alva Edison. Walt Disney was fired from his job basically in a nutshell for not being creative enough. They tried to make him feel as if he was worthless. Disney retaliated by starting his own business called laugh a gram Studios. He refused to lay down to any narcissist arrogant employer and ask them for his job back nor settle for sloppy seconds by taking lousy pay. Disney succeeded in his entrepreneurial Endeavor by achieving millionaire status roughly six years after starting his own business. Thomas Alva Edison was always an entrepreneur. He was terminated for spilling sulfuric acid on the floor according to the article. The article goes on to say that acid leak through the floorboards and onto his bosses desk in the room below, resulting in his termination. Thomas Edison succeeded afterwards bye refusing to quit and eventually having his electric company named after him in New York City as Con Edison. Walt Disney and Thomas Edison both proved that termination can bring out the best in anyone and stimulate feelings of fight over flight in a transition from employee to entrepreneur to side hustle millionaire. They were everyday people just like you and no better.



‘Never Stop Believing in Self’

Are you thinking about starting a business while you have a job or unemployed right now? were you humiliated by your narcissist employer in front of customers and employees in being refused a pay raise, and wrongfully terminated by your employer setting you up to get fired? Do you feel the company you work for is treating you fairly? If you find yourself scratching your head of these questions and going through something in life right now, it’s time to get your side hustle going. The easiest way to start your business right now is to purchase a domain name, reserve dedicated web hosting, pick a topic for your blog, and start blogging about something passionate to your heart. Blog at least 6 days a week for 3 years consistently. Build meaningful relationships with people on social networks and reach out to family members and friends to let them know you’re online with a blog. Ask them to share your blog posts with their co-workers, friends and other people they know on every social network they having a profile with. That’s free exposure and free advertising for your blog.



If you stay persistent enough with blogging and getting people to share your content, you’ll gain enough traffic to make money online potentially 24 hours a day to the point where as you can go from terminated to millionaire. In today’s age of Information Technology and employment uncertainty, no one likes getting up in the morning and going to work for an evil employer. Why not stay home and make millions working for yourself and make your employer jealous? where you wrongfully terminated by your employer and looking to get revenge? The best revenge is ignoring them if they contact you after termination, staying positive in your thought process, moving forward with your entrepreneurial transformation, retain a long-term vision for being a side hustle millionaire, and build your business from the bottom. The best of the best today experienced countless failure and adversity just like you because they were once everyday people just like you and went from ordinary to extraordinary. They didn’t achieve it overnight. They took their adversity and wrote their own ticket in life by moving forward and staying faithful of other opportunities. And those other opportunities were achieving levels of Entrepreneurship and earning millions of dollars. if they can do it, so can you as long as you stay faithful and do the transformation work, out of inspiration or desperation.



Regardless how many times you get fired from jobs, don’t give up in the quest of going from terminated to millionaire.

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