The Power of #PositiveThinking and Believing in Self

You can #overcome #adversity & #achieve #sidehustlemillionaire status in #business & #life by #thinkingpositive & #believing #positivethinking can #change your #thinking for the #better

Life circumstances can really force you to dig deep within yourself to see what you’re truly made of. Everyone is on Earth for a divine purpose, whatever that divine purpose is. Some people discover to call it early in life while others or late bloomers. Whatever awesome life circumstance you experiences, it specifically for you to learn valuable hitting lessons from that experience and to take what you’ve learned and apply it to being a better individual spiritually and otherwise. It’s not what happens to you;it’s how you handle it and take what was this to you to make you better across the board.

The power of positive thinking has the ability to:

1.Deal with jealous family members – It’s safe to say just about every once family has jealous nieces, nephews, aunt, uncles and cousins who allegedly had things against a specific family member since childhood for their early years in life. These feelings carry over into adulthood and continue to be harbored within against the labeled family member who others in the family see as the Black Sheep. Do you feel you’re the black sheep of your family and singled out by aunts, uncles, or perhaps cousins because you just don’t fit in and you’re spiritually different? Through the adverse experience of feeling rejected by Family, it can also be seen as indirect motivation for you to be a spiritually and entrepreneurially upgraded person.

Moreover, the feelings are currently feeling of rejection by family members can also inspire you to go further in life spiritually, by regularly attending Church, pursuing higher education, and starting your own business with the potential of being a future “side hustle millionaire.”

Are you listening?

While your family members think they currently affect your train of thought and having you think negative, the actually subliminally helping you be a more positive thinking.while your family members think they’re turning it you into someone that you’re not, they’re hoping to be a more positive thinker and a future millionaire. If it when you do become a side hustle millionaire off of using the rejection of your family as motivation to stay a positive thinker and prosper in your entrepreneurial ventures, don’t be a show-off. Instead, be like most Millennials in today’s era and keep your mouth quiet about being a side hustle millionaire. Smart millennials and savvy entrepreneurs who use the power of rejection to become a millionaire don’t go around town broadcasting about their newfound wealth and their new millionaire status. it’s better to be a nobody with large sums of money then to be someone well known and having to watch your back everywhere you go because people know you’re a millionaire. Are you listening?

2. help you get out of the employee mindset and break free from your abusive employer – many Employers in the United States secretly mystery targeted employees under the table whereas the targeted employee who being mistreated by their narcissist employer can’t prove what are evil boss is doing to them behind the scenes.

Give you a feeling of spiritual and entrepreneurial achievement. The awesome challenges you face in life can come from anyone. Be happy to go go through trials and tribulations because though it hurts in the moment, you come out triumphant in the end.

Regardless how slow you move in making any kind of positive progress in life, think of the good that’s up the road waiting for you. That alone can help you stay on track with thinking positive and look past dumb actions of family members, narcissist employers, phony friends, your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend. People are only stepping stones you overcome before achieving all levels of greatness!

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