The Truth About People Who Doubt You

The LORD knows all your secretsIt could be a companion who dumped you. An employer who wrongfully dismissed you. A family member who slandered you. A jealous sibling. Your next door neighbor.  A co-worker secretly wanting you. They distance themselves from you, ignore you, talk bad about you, and let you go.


Then they quietly sit back and watch you progress without them. They harbor in secrecy waiting for you to prosper. Then they allegedly come running back trying to speak and act like everything’s all fine and dandy when they see you doing good without them, making it look like you’re the bad person for ignoring them. This mess has been going on since Biblical times. People only want to be associated with you when they think they can get something out of you. And when they no longer need you, they dispose of you one way or another. That’s people.

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