Can You #ThinkPositive and #LoseWeight While #Working for a #Narcissist?

#transformation is a #lifetime #journey to #spiritual and #personal excellence. Plan on #starting a #business, going back to #school, or becoming a #future #millionaire? #Humble yourself and be #patient. Most importantly, #pray on #things and #believe you #have a #brightfuture.While some employers feel they can get away with saying things to a targeted employee “under the radar” in regard to their weight saying things in the ballpark such as speaking about someone else’s weight loss outloud so everyone can hear, there is ONE that knows everything in the heart before words are said.

Out of the heart the mouth speaketh.”


When an employers says things out loud across the floor such as “so and so lost weight. Everyone notices so and lose lost weight. So and so lost weight.” An employer who’s saying things indirectly toward a targeted employee may use a parable such as speaking on someone else’s weight loss to subliminally target the employee they have it out for as a means of employer to employee intimidation. What’s said is said.  Words are a clear and concise definition of what’s in a person’s heart. Just because an employer is the employer doesn’t mean they’re right for saying and doing things they do to targeted employees they dislike.


It’s always possible to think positive while your employer is targeting you with ignorant words and setting you up for termination. Their true character they show you is a clear demonstration their parents didn’t raise them right. Or their true character they show you in secret while putting on another face for other employees and customers may be the result of their worldly experience they gained being  a crooked slickster. Either face they show is still a distorted face and an employer with a crooked heart. The ONE who knows everything sees and knows what people can’t detect.


You can think positive by ignoring your employer when they say and do rude things to you. Doing so avoids conflict. If your employer says negative things to you on purpose or creates enmity in the workplace by their negative antics, just know it’s a test of your character. They want to see you act out so they have a reason to call the cops. They want to set you up for arrest by trying to mentally force you in a corner to sign contracts to search your personal belongings and vehicle when they know it’s an invasion of privacy and can be sued in a court of law. The ONE that knows everything can’t be lied to about the true character of your employer.  Giving your problems to the ONE to handle for you helps you remain in a positive mindset, knowing the battle is not yours. Guess WHO will fight your battles and defeat your employer for all the crooked things they’ve been saying and doing to you that they think they’re secretly getting away with? For every action there’s a reaction. Can a narcissist employer win a battle against guess WHO?

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