How to Handle Yourself When You Know Your #EvilEmployer is Secretly Plotting on You

The LORD knows all your secretsLook at the place you work at as nothing more than a bridge job. Something to hold you over until better days. Don’t invest your feelings into trying to better yourself at the place of employment where you’re being targeted by your evil employer and some co-workers. Humble yourself, pray, ignore your employer when necessary, minimize conversation between your employer and co workers, and keep it moving. Most importantly, turn it over to The LORD Jesus. HE will work it out for you!


It’s all about mind over matter. Keep cool in the workplace. Your employer says and do things to test your character. And also because they have something against you in their heart. They also have skeletons in their closet they fear will be exposed.

When your employer shoots those fiery mental spiritual darts at you, let your words be few. Keep cool. They want to make a fool out of you. It’s only a spiritual test in the moment. Let the words they disperse go in one ear and out the other. Keep doing your job. They have no power or dominion over you. When you ignore and keep moving forward by doing your job, they can only say and do so much. You’ll definitely get terminated in the long run because of their hatred, jealousy, envy, and strife toward you in their heart and have other employees pitted against you in what’s known as “workplace enmity,” but that comes along with the evil employer showing off to other employees who runs the place of employment, what they can do, and what the evil employer can get away with.



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