#WorkplaceIssues: How to #WriteUp Your #CoWorker and #Employer When in #Cahoots to Get Your #Terminated

This serves as another sample of documenting actions of your employer, co-workers, and how to reports occurrences of workplace immaturity to Human Resources. When workplace issues arise, the first step you should take is taking a mental recording of the exact date and time the occurrence took place. Be mindful to always keep a watchful eye on the time throughout the day. Reason being is because should something arise in the workplace and you don’t have a watch on you or your smartphone, you remembered what time it was when you glanced at the time moments ago on the computer.

Documenting what took place in exact verbiage from your co-workers, yourself, and employer is vital. Be clear and concise in documenting. Write down exatcly how your boss or co-workers’ actions made you feel in the moment and how that might have violated any potential corporate ethics. It’s good to document to have such actions recorded for your personal reference, though corporate may not take action against your employer or co-workers because they might all secretly be in cahoots to rid you out of your job.

Use the following sample below as a creative idea for documentin your employer and co-workers when they do wrong against you at work:

[Between 12 – 12 p.m. today, _________ asked me to come into the office after _____ walked out. I was doing my job in between calls to customers who didn’t make a purchase yet calling from a designated cart list ___ wanted me to work on when they asked me to come in. Joe schmo advised me our HR person was on the line on speaker phone. I gave H.R a formal greeting before staying quiet and listening to everything H.R. had to say without interrupting. H.R. addressed the situation concerning ____ doing this and that to. H.R. said that they doesn’t believe anyone was lying in this matter. I mentioned to H.R. that So and so was going to favor _____ over me in leading H.R. or anyone to think anything. How could I be the cause when ____ walked up to me and started the shenanigans?

During the call, H.R. said something quite disturbing. HR said during the speaker phone call that I was the cause of so and so. At the time So and so did something to me, I said nothing in a reaction. Again, nothing was said after So and so did that to me. I knew it was a setup to get my job. Upon So and so’s end of day shift, they had something to say. Then asked after I ignored the first time “you not going to say bye or anything?” This was when I calmly voiced to in a humble tone I don’t appreciate what you did. I wouldn’t have done that to you as that’s a “reflection of my home training.” This was when So and so cursed me out after mentioning home training. I feel harassed indirectly by my employer because they have something in their heart against me for believing in The “Lord Jesus Christ,” and standing up for myself in the past that I don’t appreciate the treatment since I started the job and dishing out to non-stop disparate treatment to me.]

Hopefully the sample above has given you some insight on documenting in descriptive detail when situations arise at work. Don’t let your employer or co-worker get away with anything because you need your job and a paycheck. Report them to corporate and if necessary, retail legal counsel for advice on handling problems with your employer and co-workers. No one can do wrong to others and expect it to be sweot under the rug. Employers with that mindset are ignorant to the fact one day all their skeletons will be showcased to the world and the employer and associated crooks will be utterly humiliated. Evil only succeeds for a season. When that season is over, evil must return to their cage.

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