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What’s most important is doing the right thing in the sight of God, and always worry about how God feels about you.


A co worker does something on purpose in hopes of seeing you act out on a job. It’s an immature act on their part other coworkers and the boss is not around to witness. The co-worker makes their move on you in hopes that you would react in the moment, initiate an argument that would justify their reason for spewing ugly words towards you, then try to make it seem as if you’re the reason the entire situation happened, when they in fact started the immature nonsense. Can you think positiveĀ  and stay in a positive state of mind in the midst of workplace ignorance? It’s all about mind over matter.


There are insecure people in this world who want to do nothing more than have your success. They secretly plot on your job, hate you for openly claiming to believe in the Lord Jesus Christ in the workplace shamelessly before the boss and other co workers, and talk bad about you behind your back. Yes, it is possible to stay positive in thinking, deeds, and goodwill towards others. It’s a test of your spiritual character to see what you’re made of. Never mind people. They come and go.


The coworker or co-workers or boss who secretly hates you ends up sooner or later becoming your footstool. They have no choice but to throw in the towel and quietly give up because they can’t figure you out. They can’t figure out how you stay thinking positive while they throw fiery darts at you in the workplace. When GodĀ is on your side and building you up from within, the fiery darts of the adversary can’t mentally, emotionally, nor spiritually penetrate. The adversary works through people. And people can be defeated by “relying on God,” and believing in mind over matter.


Note: The one who hates you in the workplace will be the same one secretly admiring your style, standing near you to smell your cologne, and allegedly desiring in secret to possibly date you. Some people are truly twisted in their minds. Pray for them.


When people hate on you, that means you’re doing something right. You’re on the right track in life when that same individual, or cluster of ppl keep randomly attack your persona. When someone or a group comes at you ignorantly awkward, let it help your small business to succeed beyond imagination.


‘Inspiration overcomes desperation’

The Lord Jesus has a special blessing in store for you. Getting it together spiritually is supported by God who directs our path. Being an honorable person doesn’t entail talking behind the backs of others, or contemplating having opportunities taken away from them because of jealousy. Adversity fuels the fire of unleashing hidden positive energy in double slip switching negativity into opportunity. Amen ?

Never let what people do or say hurt your business or your character. Rise up in humility and keep smiling. That’s how you keep em” guessing.


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