Can You #ThinkPositive During a #SpiritualMarathon Running as Fast as a Train?

God can help anyone who diligently seek HIM for the Holy Ghost stay on track in precision with your spiritual thinking.

Making positive changes requires experiencing countless trials and tribulations, such as encounters with family and phony friends, narcissist employers, demonic co workers or some demonic co workers, and more.Slow to anger and reactions is always good for making wise judgments in the moment. It helps you stay on track with positive thinking, fitness of the mind, and using adversity to positive shape your character. Running for the Lord requires moving at light speed such as a midnight locomotive train. When you run a race for Christ, you have to keep moving forward nonstop at light speed as fast as a train, so you grow spiritually and appreciate the process of spiritual transformation.

Humility and spiritual fitness go hand in hand with true transformation. Change is inevitable when you have a sincere heart to serve the Lord Jesus. True transformation is achieved in due time without pride. Believe in yourself when the #world tries to ambush your #ambitions. Mind over matter is always good and a cam demeanor in tight situations.

As the world turns in trying to make your goals and hopes obsolete, bounce back like the New York City Nasdaq in moving faster than competition in spiritually moving your feet. Spiritual fitness is more than business and politics. Money and success in this life can’t help you achieve a healthy eternity, because financial gain is only temporary.

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