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#Nevergiveup in #life if you #gainweight, #loseyourjob, #gobroke, or lose your #earthlyposessions. It's a #test to see what you're made of. -

Exercise is no doubt the best poor man’s medicine. With a rise in healthcare costs today, the best way to keep yourself healthy is by good ol’ exercise and believing in yourself. Lifting your own natural body weight and engaging in cardiovascular exercise, such as light morning walks, or mild-jogging increases the metabolic rate, lifts the spirit out of depression, inspires people to see you in a different light, and more. Never have pride if you’re unable to afford quality healthcare. Exercise is the best investment anyone can make in self.


Being Poor Means Nothing

There’s nothing wrong with being financially poor. Being poor creates a spiritual dependence upon God almighty for our daily strength to endure intense exercise. Tangible gains are temporary. One can be financially poor, but abundant and positively rich in spirit. Financially being poor is only a temporary growing pain, as it motivates people to seek creative avenues in overcoming the hump we all face…adversity. With that said, a creative avenue in becoming better starts with faith, good exercise and cardiovascular activity at least twice weekly. It lifts the mind, spirit and body into a greater state of healthy living.


‘Exercising Faithfully’

The most successful people in today”s society used exercise and cardiovascular activities to lift themselves up out of being poor, and depression? Truth is, you don”t need to go to a gym or even own a home treadmill, in order to exercise and do cardio. Doing the transformation work of bettering yourself means exercising your mind, exercising your body at home, or outside at your local park, a change of free will in everything you”re about, as well as a major adjustment in your diet. Exercise costs no money at all, and it provides not only poor people, but everyone, with “internal health insurance” , for years to come, which is a very positive thing to know.


‘Benefits of Exercise’

Want to know a motivating thing about exercising? It increases your productivity at your day job, or , in your place of business. When we exercise, despite our “obtuse financial circumstance,” cardio and traditional exercise stimulates our metabolic output, increases the heart rate, promotes more restful sleep, as well as increase the desire to exercise more often. It”s a positive , yet, addictive habit that anyone can develop, even if you have a mild drinking problem at times, or, engage in other negative habits you internally fight in overcoming. If you are financially depleted, don”t let that deter your mind from forging forward with striving to exercise, transform your mind, getting good solid nutrition in your body, and lead you astray from not living healthy.


Truth is, we all fall short in our daily strides to live healthy, because of certain adversities, not just from being poor. If you are poor, don”t let that develop any pride in you from not putting in the necessary transformation work of making spiritual and physical health changes

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