How to Stay a #PositiveThinker if Your Ex Contacts You

Three things to bear in mind if your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend contacts you:

The past relationship is spiritual dress rehearsal. When you meet someone and choose to marry, you’re supposed to court someone in Holiness and only marry in The LORD Jesus Christ. When you follow GOD‘s way of doing things HIS way and do so in decency and in order, you won’t have to worry about if you’re marrying the right person. This too will help you stay positive and ignore calls from your ex if and when they decide to reach out AT & T style and try to connect again.


The past experience of dating them wasn’t meant to flourish into marriage. Dating is something to help you pass time which you shouldn’t do because you’re vulnerable to engage in pre-marital intimacy which is not good. There’s still room in your mind and heart to think positive and remain hopeful that a special someone is out there for you. You just haven’t discovered them yet.

If it didn’t work out the first time around, what makes you think the 2nd time will be better than the first? Just because you have feelings? The past relationship gave you alot to think about and showed you things specifically to look out for in the next relationship.


Fast Fact: Your ex talks greasy about you but checks up on you through other people in secrecy. Then when they find out you’re “up” doing good, then they wanna contact you and patch things up.


Have you been through that experience in the past? Have you been put down because of a certain status you didn’t have at the time such as a large bank account, that special car, home, or even a college degree? Sure, most people have been put down by their ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend. But does that mean it’s the end of the world because a person does that to you? In fact, it could be a subliminal blessing in disguise.


When your feelings are involved in the moment, that’s all you can see and feel. The person you once had feelings for walking away because you don’t have the worldly things they want. This is a blessing and a positive thing when they walk away from you because as you mature in life, you’ll come to the spiritual discovery that the person you once dated is not spiritually compatible and likely unfit for marriage.


Yes, it’s possible to stay in a positive state of mind if your ex contacts you. All you need to do is “ignore, ignore, and ignore.” Forgive them in your heart for doing you wrong because you too have done someone else wrong and need forgiveness yourself. But to go back to an ex is like a dog revisiting and licking up his own vomit.


As long as you’re living, there’s always hope. This is why bad experiences have hidden gems in them and inspire visionary thinkers to look past bad experiences and see the good in them because as long as you’re in the land of the living, you have a chance repent and get right, have a chance to have someone better in your life with GOD‘s help and guidance, and make something of yourself.


If you pray, fast, tarry, and think positive in hopes of a blessing of soulmate coming into your life, you might be in for more goodness than hoped for. You might be so blessed abundantly that you won’t have room to receive it all. And that’s a good thing. This is why it’s important to stay in a positive state of mind regardless of anything adverse happening in your life.

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