#PositiveThinking: Did You Know Your Thoughts Can Sculpt a Spiritually Bright Future?


There are people in the world who wish to see your progress suffer. It could be family, co-workers, your boss, fake friends, or people in the world. It’s an unwritten rule as a person striving for excellence to humble yourself across the board. While it won’t be easy doing that and you may fall down countless times by giving a reaction or sometimes no reaction, ever instance of failure and adverse life experience gives you a grand opportunity to begin again. Regardless of what’s happening in your life now obtusely, you still have a bright spiritual future.

Truth: as long as you’re moving forward each day despite how many times you made mistakes in the past or been falsely accused, you can still start over. It’s never too late to begin again and brighten up your future potential. You can be 60 or 70 years old and still learn something new. As the old saying goes “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” That saying is an outward lie. Oh yes you can learn something new at any age and master it too. It’s your way of thinking and your approach to life that either makes or breaks you. Take the bad with the good with a grain of salt and keep moving forward no matter what.

Are you going through something in life now with family, friends, your boss at work, co workers, or your spouse or someone you’re dating? While it may seem like a bad experience in the moment, it’s a blessing in disguise. Your situation with your boss at work you’re going through now is a personal test of your character and patience. Whether your boss is right or wrong in how she or he treats you, you still owe them respect. Sometime you must ignore he or she for peace sake if you feel they’re trying to provoke you to give a reaction they are secretly looking for in you. Stay humble on the job and don’t let them see you sweat. Just do the job and keep your mouth shut from blurting things out at your boss or people they could later lie on you and say you said something you didn’t. Respect your boss and co-workers always. And most important, be pleasant in speaking to them even if some of them don’t deserve it. This is how you keep the peace in the workplace, keep a job, and maintain a positive work reputation. Remember that you’re focusing on a spiritually bright future with joy and tranquility involved and working along as a means of sustaining positive relations with people you work with and a healthy relationship with your boss, whomever your boss may be. Whether they treat you good or bad. thank God for them anyway. It’s just a test and you can’t get anywhere in life without going through something.

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Are you thinking of making healthy changes? It’s not too late. Do you feel stuck in your ways? Prayer changes things. A spiritually bright future is possible for you at any age. Don’t let anyone make you feel boxed in and not worth it. You matter. You are somebody regardless how many times you faulted in life. Get back up and start thinking positive. It takes small spiritual and physical baby steps daily to achieve complete change. No human can achieve total transformation overnight. Transformation is a curation of mind, spirit, body, and heart. Out of the heart the mouth speaketh. And out of the heart and mind the body acts out. If you have a desire to change, you can achieve all good things you put your mind to. Make it a healthy habit to start praying first thing in the morning before starting your workout and workday. Prayer will help you get in a praying mindset to rely on the Lord to help you think and stay positive in all you do.

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