Positive thinking Monday morning

Good morning. Did you enjoy a good night’s sleep? Did you remember to pray first thing this morning and giving the Lord Jesus thanks immediately after waking up? Or did you just wake up and start doing your morning routine? Prayer first thing in the morning upon Awakening is the transformational way to making healthy changes across the board. Yes, it takes you mentally out of your comfort zone. However, giving thanks through morning prayer starts your day off on the right foot.


If you really desire to become a different person and doing a 360 degree transformation, you enjoy feeling uncomfortable across the board. Feeling uncomfortable allows room for change spiritually, mentally, and physically. Transformation is a lifetime Journey starting with the curation of the Soul, heart, mind, and body. When you give thanks in the morning first before starting your work day, you’ll discover your day goes so much better and harmonizes with your daily productivity. This is why it’s important to give thanks and prayer first thing in the morning before starting your day. It’s not easy transitioning into a consistent mindset of morning prayer and praying throughout the day. You have to have a voluntary mindset willing to change. This is the only way you’ll grow spiritually.


Remember… It’s not what happens to you. It’s how you take it to the Lord in prayer and ask the Lord Jesus to help you deal with it that makes you a stronger individual.

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