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How do you get ahead in life and avoid problems when you have to work around a narcissist for the time being? For starters, you have to play cool. Maintain a calm demeanor regardless of what’s said and done. Second, make sure you show up to your job on time. Showing up to work on time diffuses anything temporarily between a narcissist co-worker or employer. Showing up on time or before your scheduled shift suppresses arguments from starting and helps you start your day off on the right foot.


It’s important to play cool with a narcissist and here’s why. You’re striving for excellence to get ahead in life. This is just a test for now to see what you’re made of mentally and spiritually. Tough times don’t last forever, though they feel like it in the moment. Playing cool with a narcissist, whether it’s your employer or an ignorant co worker who has no home training and never speaks when they come to work and speak to others and not you, is nothing more than setting the stage to build strong character in you. Play their game and keep going. When you succeed and come out on the other side, you’ll be glad you dealt with narcissists of all kinds.

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