2 Signs of a Better Relationship With Your #Narcissist Employer

Positive thinking and positive outcomes

The Lord Jesus knows your thoughts and your heart. The Lord Jesus knows everything you’re thinking before you even think it. The Lord Jesus knows you desire a better relationship with everyone. And whether you want to believe it or not, prayer is a guaranteed way to achieve healthy changes in your life.


Find yourself struggling to balance a healthy relationship between yourself and your narcissist employer? Millions of people struggle daily having a positive relationship with their narcissist employers. There is hope of reviving a severed relationship with your employer and having a productive working relationship with someone who you once couldn’t get along with.


Signs your relationship can be salvaged with your employer:


Your employer speaks to you first and either says hello or good morning. Be mindful to respond respectfully and say nothing more. Let your words be few.


Your employer slowly starts to invite you to engage in work related group conversation and has a positive attitude when referring to you as an employee. Occasionally engage in work-related conversations. Use your best judgement on this. Gage things mentally before speaking to get a rough idea how you feel your employer or co-workers may possibly respond. If you think your interaction and work-related conversation will result in positive conversation and a positive outcome, occasionally add food for thought to the conversation. Once again, let your Words Be Few. after you’ve added your humble to sense, keep quiet and keep working. Let your employer and co-workers wonder about you and your train of thought. Keeping your co-workers and your employer wondering about the way you think we’ll keep them on their p’s and q’s as well as maintaining a positive attitude toward you that are result in a better working relationship. Most importantly, keep it positive attitude on your part and smile often

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Are you struggling to keep a smile on your face and hard times and in maintaining a healthy relationship between you and your narcissist employer? It’s not the end of the world. Always come to work not just on Mondays, but every day of the week with a smile on your face and a positive attitude. This is true transformation of the heart and a clear demonstration how much of a real champion you are.

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