#PositiveThinking: Staying One Step Ahead of Your Haters

The LORD knows all your secretsWhen you feel someone trying to rattle your feathers, it’s a good idea to pray. Prayer has a beautiful way of changing things for the better, if you believe in its power and let God fight your battles.

Narcissists will try to put you in situations where they want you to act out so they have a justifiable reason why they did what they did. Narcissist have many skeletons in their closets. They create situations and try to make problems where there is none. A narcissist will also try to gain support from others in there in a circle by using them to inflict negativity and harm on the targeted individual. This is where you have to find Inner strength through prayer to our Lord Jesus Christ, giving your problems over to Jesus, and keeping a calm and cool demeanor.

Character is everything when you’re striving to live and work righteously. No one likes to be targeted or squelched because they’re different from others. If this has happened to you, it’s imperative to keep a positive mindset, pray daily, maintain humility in your heart and character, and support others without expectation. Little do narcissists know that the affliction they apply to you, whether it be direct or indirect, is an outward show of their weakness and ignorance. Narcissists also show how much stronger you are mentally and spiritually vs. them.

Today’s positive thought: Stay humble, positive, and lift others up of free will. That’s the truest transformation of theĀ .

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