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You’re probably at your job on this rainy Monday morning trying to stay positive in your thoughts.  Mondays are classified as the worst day of the week for most people. You probably have an employer or some co-workers you don’t get along with either openly or in Secret Sea and have to look at them every Monday morning. Just because you have to deal with people you don’t like working with on Mondays shouldn’t deter you from remaining positive in your thoughts. If you find yourself thinking negative before going to work on Mondays, it’s time to change your current train of thought so that you can start Monday mornings off on the right track mentally.


Do you struggle trying to overcome negative thinking on Monday mornings before going to work? If the answer is yes, you’re not the only one who struggles with negative thoughts on Mondays.  All good things are possible through faith and making healthy changes in your transformational thinking process. You may fail at 1st and changing your thought process. And that’s okay. To succeed means failing countless times before getting it right. It’s not the end of the world when you fail at changing your train of thought.


Three ways to potentially start strong on Monday & maintain a positive state of mind:


1. Do cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. Most people who have a few extra pounds on them 10 to have an altered mindset. This is because the body’s pH balance and hormones are allegedly imbalanced. By adjusting your mindset to doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day, you put your body in a positive fat burning state to accelerate all metabolic processes. In turn, this tightens up not only your waistline and sharpens your State of Mind into thinking more positive, what cardio on an empty stomach first thing in the morning before starting your work day also helps to decrease cortisol levels in the brain, a catabolic stress hormone that eats away at muscle slowly but surely. By reducing cortisol levels in the brain by doing cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, you automatically reprogram yourself for positive thoughts.


2. Believe in yourself. You can’t get through anything in life without believing in your ability. If no one believes in you, so what? Keep pushing faithfully on Monday and every other day of the week.


3. Thank the haters. Some of them include family members, your employer, and people from your past who still secretly check on your progress. Let the hate fuel your positive thought process and start Monday mornings and your workweek on the right track by converting negatives into positives.


Be thankful for adversity in your life. It made you who you are today and it also brought you this far. Your life has purpose and meaning. Let no one dictate to you that you’re less than. Prove them wrong by thinking positive and overcoming the odds.

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