5 easy ways to start your day on a positive note


Ever wake up in the morning grouchy with a headache and sometimes angry with the world? You’re not the only one that felt that way. You sometimes woke up feeling like that because you’re human. We go through all kinds of different feelings. It’s sometimes an uphill battle to think and remain positive throughout the day.


If you find yourself struggling sometimes to start your day on a positive note, check out the five unique things below you can do to make your day right:


1. ┬áStart your day in the morning first thing with prayer. Prayer has a unique way of changing things. If you’re currently not in the positive habit of praying, it’s not too late to change your mindset now and get on your knees and talk to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord has a positive solution for every problem and will help you feel more positive about life.


2. Exercise after morning prayer. Did you know exercise has a unique way of potentially helping endorphins in your system flow more freely, thus producing increased feelings of positive thoughts and happiness? Try exercising in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day and you may possibly see a positive shift in your train of thought in as little as six weeks.


3. Walk, run, or jog in the morning on an empty stomach from 20 minutes to 1 hour. This is also a unique way of increasing endorphins flow in your body and helping you think more positive. Studies have shown when you do cardio in the morning on an empty stomach before starting your work day or consuming breakfast, it will help you increase positive thinking and get your work day off to A healthy start on a positive note, thus helping you get more work done throughout the day because you have more energy. Cardio on an empty stomach in the morning will also help you keep a smile on your face longer, thus your positive energy rubbing off on those in your circle.


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4. Vision yourself where you’d like to be in the next five to 10 years. This alone should inspire you to think positive because you are in control of your destiny. Are you currently employed and close to retirement with 20 years in on your job? Thinking positive will help you get one step closer toward achieving retirement and on track with doing the best job possible so you can retire in style. If you just started a business, positive thinking can help you potentially earn Mega Millions in the next decade. Did you know your train of thought actually controls how much money you make and how people around you treat you? It’s amazing how positive thinking and changing your thought process can help you start your day on a positive note and control how how much money you make in the future.


5. St. John’s Wort. this is a natural herb of the Earth you can research and it’s positive effects on the mind and body before ingesting the supplement. St John’s Wort has been proven to help the Mind raised itself out of depression, think positive, and have hopeful feelings about achieving great things in the future. St John’s Wort taken on an empty stomach in the morning may potentially help you start your morning on a positive note and retain positive feeling throughout the day. Before ingesting st. John’s Wort on an empty stomach or with food and drink, be sure to consult with your physician first before doing anything. This is not a recommendation for you to take things upon yourself and ingest St John’s Wort if you don’t know what you’re doing. DNN is not offering any medical or health or supplement advice as this is just a thought.

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