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didn’t create marijuana for humans to smoke it.

Marijuana legalization supporters argue that legalizing recreational marijuana will be good for promoting freedom of choice and using it for improving overall health. Marijuana smokers feel having instant access to recreational smoke will improve the quality of life. They further argue that marijuana is not a controlled substance and shouldn’t be regulated. They want to have the ability to grow as many marijuana plants as possible and the freedom to purchase bulk quantity at will. There’s a great fear among some Americans recreational marijuana legalization increases the risk of falling into under age hands, and only want it legalized mostly for financial and political reasons.

Marijuana supporters are wrong in their push for recreational marijuana legalization. Their intentions are not to ingest it in the correct fashion. While some people refuse to acknowledge the Bible as living word, there’s Scripture within discussing herbs. Nowhere in Scripture does it mention anything about giving humans permission to smoke it. Smoking herb is against Scriptural law. And green herb at that. Scripture mentions in so many words herbs are intended to be used in its natural state for the purpose of improving human health, and for use as spices for meats. Marijuana was created with the intent to use as a healing agent and to sustain good health. Some youth was ignorant in past life to what marijuana’s true purpose was and foolishly smoked it. Recreational marijuana shouldn’t be legalized just because it’s good for business and will make the rich richer.

Marijuana in its natural state is good for internal ingestion boiled as a tea to consume as a beverage for healing. Human health improves quicker when we rightfully use herbs of the earth as originally intended. Smoking marijuana will accelerate health damage and adversely affect long term lung health. No concrete research nor clinical tests have been conducted or proven that human health has improved through medical or recreational marijuana use. Smoking marijuana for better health was a made up idea-thought by man leading uneducated people to believe smoking marijuana somehow magically improves health. If smoking marijuana improves human health, why wasn’t that mentioned during historical times? Smoking anything, whether it’s marijuana or whatever is against human health, negates from sustaining a positive quality of life. Smoke inhalation alone adversely affects the human hormonal system and leaves hormones imbalanced.

Moreover, recreational marijuana shouldn’t be legalized. Without concrete evidence, recreational marijuana will most likely and allegedly fall in under age hands, faster than drug addicts gaining access to other types of recreational drugs. How would you feel if your child came home high off marijuana for the first time in life by someone who gave them recreational pot? It’s so simple nowadays to entice a child to try something they have no worldly experience with in hopes of the child getting an addiction, thus a bad person using them as a means of making money from future recreational marijuana sales. Most kids will naturally grow curious what marijuana is like. Recreational marijuana legalization will accelerate and literally guarantee the possibility of falling into the wrong hands.

Some adults will purchase recreational marijuana and sell it to kids for twice the price. And also offer for free at times as a means of getting the child addicted. Recreational marijuana legalization will indirectly suppress a child’s ability to live to their fullest positive potential possibly and fail to graduate from college as scholars, as most children are highly vulnerable to temptation. There is no way a child or adult could think positive and have hope for a bright future if recreational marijuana use is legalized in Washington, D.C. and made loosely available to the general public.


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Teenagers have zero life experience. Their inexperience leaves them prone to all forms of vulnerability. Based on their predicted reactions when relationships fail in their youth. Recreational marijuana consumption will further enhance negative feelings and outbursts. Recreational marijuana consumption by youth both legal and underage will accelerate the death rate, promote folly of youth, and “narcissism,” steering teenagers away from morals and values taught to them by their parents.

Furthermore, if marijuana must be legalized for political reasons, it should be tightly controlled and available only to consume on hospital premises by hospital-medical patients with true health problems without resorting to smoking for recreational purposes. If it’s consumed in its natural state prepared as a tea beverage or as an additive inserted in food to add to a meal’s nutritional value, it’ll have the potential to improve mental and physical health. Politics currently plays a major role in the financial potential of legalizing recreational marijuana, as it’s nothing more than a mere waiting game of gauging how long people will hold out and how much more they’re willing to pay for recreational pot as a potential mind game of playing cat and mouse. If politicians make people wait longer to buy it recreationally, they control people’s minds automatically by playing the “waiting game.”

With a negative view of legalizing recreational marijuana being dominant, there are positives to using marijuana naturally for peaceful purposes. On a positive note, natural consumption of marijuana is allegedly beneficial to people suffering from HIV. Natural marijuana consumption in food or as a tea benefits HIV stricken people by stimulating appetite and healthy weight gain. This is not a debatable statement.

Prescription marijuana for patients needing it by ingesting it as a tea or in it’s natural, unprocessed state (not smoking) should only be prepared at a hospital or by a physician on site as a tea or added in food to ensure patients don’t wrongfully consume it. However, people will do as they please within or outside set laws.

Can parents hopefully look forward to recreational marijuana being outlawed for the next decade or quarter century? Can medical patients look forward to having easy, instant access to marijuana for personal consumption whether used naturally or smoked? Will politicians freely allow recreational marijuana to roam throughout America putting lives of young people in potential danger? No one knows for sure how marijuana laws will be ultimately affected in years to come.

It’s literally impossible to be an honorable leader and a positive thinker if you smoke marijuana. Positive people don’t smoke anything at all. Marijuana consumption smoked in the moment might make anyone feel good. You get the munchies, temporary libido increase, and feel sleepy. On the flip side, your cognitive ability and rational thinking process is affected. Your energy levels are affected. You tend to feel lazy when it comes to completing designated tasks. And you also tend to put things off until later. That’s called procrastination. Smoking marijuana negates from your positive character and ruins relationships, both business and personal. It also brings out the narcissist hidden in some people. If you don’t want marijuana and it’s negative effects to adversely impact your life, prayer and believing in yourself by thinking positive will help you achieve one step closer to overcoming wrongful consumption of pot.


‘Bloomberg Television Discusses Marijuana’

Update: January 4, 2018 – Bloomberg.com reports on U.S. attorney general Jeff Sessions seeking to or already has (either one) reverse an Obama era policy regarding recreational marijuana. It sounds as if recreational marijuana will not be legalized throughout the United States of America. If Sessions gets his way of making recreational pot sales illegal, how will this affect domestic marijuana markets? How will this affect children, teenagers, adults, Colorado, and other states that already have legalized recreational marijuana laws intact?

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