#PositiveThinking: 3 easy ways to start your day on a positive note

God is the reason you’re here. The Lord Jesus Christ showed you mercy another day and blessed you to wake up.


it’s not because you’re that good or you’ve achieved worldly riches. It’s time to do your part now and change your thought process to be a more positive and sound minded person.


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Are you one of those people that sometimes wake up in the morning feeling grouchy with a headache? You sometimes wake up feeling angry with the world for no reason? You wake up with this dredging Monday morning feeling of having to go to work and deal with people? If the answer is yes it’s time to change your way of thinking.


If you wake up in the morning and start your day on a positive note, chances are you’ll be a happier person in the workplace, at the gym, and get more done throughout the day. Are you looking to change your thought patterns and think positive often?


Three suggested ways to start your day on a positive note:


1. Pray – You’re probably one of those folk who don’t bother to think about this first thing in the morning upon awakening. Prayer has a unique way of slowly but surely changing your thought patterns and helping you think positive. It’s an ironclad fact prayer changes things. “With that said…worst case scenario” is you “don’t pray” and continue to experience life as is for now. When you incorporate prayer into your morning routine and pray first thing in the morning before starting your day, you’ll slowly start to notice as days go by, you’ll slowly start to feel happier in side. This is because you are allowing the Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God alone to work inside of you to change you as well as your thoughts for the better. Positive thinking goes Way Beyond changing your mindset. It’s a process of allowing the Lord Jesus into your heart to change everything about you beyond thoughts. This is why it’s good to pray first thing in the morning.

2. Exercise and cardio – In addition to prayer, exercise and cardiovascular activity performed in the morning on an empty stomach has a unique way of changing your thought patterns. Have you ever noticed people who strive daily to stay healthy and fit are happier and get more work done throughout their day? This is because they strive to keep their minds and bodies healthy and keep their cardiovascular activity up to par. Keeping your cardio up by doing it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach has a unique way of keeping your metabolism allegedly burning fat up to six hours after completing morning cardio, thus inspiring you to have happier feelings in the moment and a more positive outlook on life. People around you will immediately feel your positive energy as it’ll rub off on them. When you strive to live a healthy lifestyle, the results of your hard work and positive thoughts will reflect in your conversation, outer appearance, and work productivity. Do your cardio and exercise first thing in the morning as a way of starting your day on a positive note.


3. Build others up with kind words – whether you’re in the gym working out, on the job, in church, or wherever… Never hesitate to share positive words with others as a kind gesture of building others up. A narcissist is only concerned about self. The narcissist you possibly deal with right now can be a subliminal subliminal blessing in your life, as he or she quietly inspires you to be a positive person and share your radiant positive energy with others. The Narcissist who treats you badly can also be a spiritual test to see what you’re made of as a person and how long you were willing to endure the test while remaining positive in your thoughts and deeds. Did you know building others up with kind words in the morning before starting the work day will help your work day be so much smoother in regards to work productivity and help you remain a positive person throughout the day? This is why it’s important to be kind to others and build them up with positive words and be mindful of their feelings. Lastly, being kind to others and building them up with positive energy will not only help you stay blessed years to come, but it’ll also help you be an honorable leader, earning respect and positive reviews from people everywhere years to come.

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