#PositiveThinking: 5 Creative Ways to Conquer #WrongfulTermination and Become a #SideHustleMillionaire

Using #negativity & #transforming into the #power of #positivity to be a #future #sidehustlemillionaire #thanks to #negativepeople. #People have a #special #way of #helping you #prosper #subliminally

It’s not the end of the world when you lose your job though most people think it is. Companies that engage in suspected dictatorship and trying to turn people into yes women and yes men employees are used to being in unhealthy control of their workers. Truth is, it’s not about what happens to you in the moment. It’s about how you handle it and turn a negative situation using the awesome power of positive thinking into tapping into a hidden opportunity and making the best of that opportunity work to your positive advantage. In other words, your employer is not going to tell you how to start your own business or get rich. You may have a creative business idea in the back of your mind you’ve been putting off for so long of turning your idea into fruition because of your current financial situation and job. A narcissist employer indirectly and subliminally inspires targeted employees for wrongful termination to be there very best spiritually and entrepreneurially by seeking ways through positive thinking to better their spiritual character and using adversity from their employer to start a business and break free from regular employment. In every negative situation there’s hidden good.

* Maintain a cool demeanor and don’t react the way your employer wants you to when they throw a fiery mental dart at you in the moment – When they notice you don’t fuel their fire and give them more ammunition to shoot more fiery darts at you, they eventually lose steam. Take your employer’s power away from them by acting as if you never heard them in the first place. They won’t bother to say the same dumb thing over and over again, unless they’re allegedly an alcoholic or an alleged drug user.

* The job you’re working on now is only a “bridge job,” and not gainful employment – As long as you keep that in mind that your employment for the moment is only temporary and a stepping stone to greatness, then the stuff that happens in between adversity won’t impact you as much. You can’t achieve greatness in life without going through negative situations. Most importantly, you must have been a thick skin when dealing with employers and co-workers because things are said and done intentionally to get a specific type of reaction out of you. The best reaction is no reaction and moving forward by “doing the transformation work out of inspiration or desperation.”

* Work on your side hustle with your “piece of job” so you have a backup plan – Your side hustle could be a part-time online business where is you have a blog or website or a product or service you develop and sell yourself. There’s quiet Millions to be Kern online and you could use the current adversity experience from your job as a means of positive energy and moving yourself forward with your side hustle business ventures. If you work on your side hustle as a part-time gig slowly but surely for at least two to three years consistently, you’ll potentially be in the ballpark financially to earn enough money to quit your job and live solely off of your hard work work don’t you agree it’s time to stop working for your unthankful employer and get your side hustle going, so you can live 100% financially free from your current employer and pay off personal debt and become a future side hustle millionaire?

* Avoid all arguments and saying anything that could possibly incriminate you – Some employers and co-workers say and do things to try and trap you into saying something that could incriminate you and give them a reason to call the cops and press charges have you ever worked for an employer who wanted to see you incarcerated because they had a personal vendetta against you or didn’t like the fact that you were tuned in spiritually and unashamed of claiming religion on the job before and your employer? when your employer or some co-workers start something to get a reaction, act as if you don’t hear what they’re saying and keep doing your job. That’ll aggravate the living crap out of them. But before you open your mouth with attention say anything, be mindful to document everything they said either by writing on paper or having a small recorder for me. This way, you have yourself legally covered if they accuse you falsely of saying something you never said. If you have the entire verbal or deal on tape and they accuse you of saying something you never said in the first place, you can easily play the tape or digital recording back to what was exactly said. Doing so puts you in the clear of any accused wrongdoing and gives you something to talk about on a blog or website as a means of developing great content for others to read and relate to.

* Save some of your paycheck for running paid advertising services for your side hustle – If you earn a can of beans from your part-time or full-time day job, make it a habit of setting aside $50 to $100 or possibly more after you start your side hustle for paid online advertising services. Running paid advertising campaigns also known as PPC ads helps your business gain the right type of targeted exposure and helps you increase online sales potential. This will put you so much closer to achieving your entrepreneurial goals and helping you have a piece of Mind knowing the job you have now is nothing more than a bridge job so you have a few dollars in your pocket and just enough to sustain yourself. Most people work better under Financial pressure because they feel obligated to work so much more on their own business and not rely on their job as a means of establishing and sustaining financial longevity. Put some money away for your business so you can enjoy financial Freedom later.

Hopefully, this blog gave you some insight of creative ways to conquer wrongful termination and become a future side hustle millionaire. The nonsense you’re going through now with your current employer or former employer was nothing more than a life experience to test you to see what you’re made of spiritually and entrepreneurially. Always remember that job means just over broke. Stay inspired and never give up no matter how long it takes for your business to get off the ground and achieve side hustle millionaire status.

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