#PositiveVisions: Keep Your Head Held High When Dealing With Adversity

GOD gets the final say and the last laugh in the end.

Remain #hopeful, #humble, #joyful & #confident when #life serves you #lemons. #People turning on you is a #test of #spiritual #character to #see what you're made of. Do you have the #spirit of #endurance to #run the #marathon, do the #transformation #work out of #InspirationOrDesperation & #NeverGiveUp ?
No one is immune from judgement. No one is immune from the adversities of life.

Everything that happens to you is ordained ot happen for a reason. Did you know Earth is a temporary place? This place we call home , a.k.a. planet Earth, the place we live and deal with all kinds of people, is nothing more than “spiritual dress rehearsal.” No one, regardless how rich or poor, how many college degrees you have, means nothing in the end. What will mean most in the end is your soul right with The eternal GOD of Heaven and Earth.

When bad things happen to you, there’s hidden good in it. Lessons hide in every life experience. When people turn on you, slander you, ridicule, chastise, set you up, and only come around when they think you have money, those are experiences to make you think about how you can better yourself spiritually and otherwise. People turn on you? That’s something to thank GOD for and be glad about. Why? It teaches you spiritual dependency. It teaches you to rely on The one true living and eternal GOD, who is The LORD Jesus Christ who is GOD and GOD alone.

You can’t have a testimony, you can’t sing in praising GOD, and you can’t get anywhere in life if you run from and refuse to confront your problems. Adversity opens doors of hidden opportunity. You’re no less of a person when people, regardless who they are, turn on you. It’s not the end of the world when it seems as if everything is falling apart. Just when you think your world is crumbling, maybe GOD is moving behind the scenes to arrange the future outcome of your trials and tribulations in your favor.

Whatever you’re going through…hang in there and keep doing the transformation work. Your woes will be your triumphant victory and most jubilant testimony in giving GOD the praise when least expected. Give GOD the glory in good and bad times because The LORD Jesus can always make a way out of no way just for you.

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