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Upon awakening anyday of the week , that alone should inspire you to give thanks in morning prayer to the Lord Jesus Christ for HIM allowing you to see another day. You didn’t wake up on your own. Guess again if you think you did. You woke up by God‘s permission.


So you probably sometimes wonder how to start your day on a positive note and keep it that way, right? Well, after morning prayer, you can start your day on a positive note by outlining your daily goals. What do you hope to achieve today? It it get more work done at the office for your employer? Is it to hit the treadmill and strive to lose more weight? Is it working on a client and closing a million dollar deal? Whatever it is, think positive and believe it’s already done.


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A positive mindset regardless what you’re going through in the moment already put you one step ahead of naysayers, competition, Debbie downers, and your employer who might secretly have it out for you to be fired and humiliated. The race is already won by you when you put positive thinking ahead of life’s challenges.

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