#StayHumble While Building a Business: Personal Commentary from the Founder

To stay focused is a blessing from God. Put The LORD Jesus Christ first, and you’ll never fail.

Have #faith when #trouble arises in your #life

If there is anything so humbling and inspiring about succeeding on the world wide web, it’s learning from others, in staying creative in productive business efforts. Working on the World Wide Web is a beautiful labor of love that intellectually helps me to “unleash full positive creativity.” With that said, I’m always reading articles, blog posts, and stopping by mature business discussion forums in learning more about “staying focused in creativity.”

Staying focused is easier said than done. To stay focused, I look at past life experiences and things I go through today, which helps me quietly to retain focus on long-term spiritual and business objectives. In my younger years, I can’t say I was generally focused on the bigger picture life “productively and spiritually.” While I see myself as an aspiring business leader, I’m still not one that knows everything about life. Honestly, I am humbled to say at any my age, there’s still much to learn about life. Most importantly, it’s the awesome challenges of life that inspired me of free will to stay focused. I know a lot of people want to see me fail “especially a lot of people in my family.”

With the help of The GOOD LORD Jesus Christ, I can do all things, as HE will strengthen me to stay focused in spirituality and moving forward in positive business endeavors. After reading an article online some years back, it struck a chord in me at that time to write this personal commentary about “staying focused in life.” I have to admit “staying focused” and training my brain to focus is not easy. I’m a human being with feelings, that sees so much more in life today, in terms of what a person can accomplish when they focus their minds on positive things.

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I’m humble enough to say I’m learning to stay focused from leaders who know way more than I do, while enjoying the humble privilege of being creative online while building my a business. Never give up no matter what. Keep praying when the picture is unclear. Keep praying and moving forward when people come together against you. That should be your spiritual inspiration to push harder at being your best for GOD and in your business practices. Never mind people and what “they think.”

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