5 Ways to #FollowPeace With Everyone and Stay Positive in Thought

#peace & #harmony can be #achieved with #people that make you feel #awkward being #around them by taking a #humble #approach to #life & #walking away when necessary
Some people are too difficult to deal with. Being around them creates adverse and awkward feelings. And in most cases, those kinds of people affect your train of thought.

Some people include:

  • Phony friends
  • Family members
  • Neighbors
  • People you breeze by in passing
  • Employers

When you feel someone is intentionally trying to cause friction with you, the best thing to do is:

  • Ignore
  • Walk away
  • Maintain a calm demeanor
  • Be slow to react
  • Don’t show anger
  • Smile or laugh

And most importantly, the person or persons creating problems, whether it’s a family member, employer, phony friend from the past, or someone only calling you because they found out you came into some money and want to keep bugging you for a few dollars can indirectly inspire you to not only maintain positive thinking as a means of diffusing a negative outcome, but the person can be used by you as a vehicle to conjure up a new business idea to earn passive residual income from. This is why it’s important to follow peace with everyone because you never know how someone that comes at you sideways can help yuo possibly become a future “side hustle millionaire.”

Even if you don’t generate a new future million dollar business idea by following peace with everyone, it’s still a good idea to follow peace with people because it helps you maintain positive thinking, build character, earn respect, and maintain a peaceful spirit in trying times.

Lastly, even as someone openly disrespect you or only contacts you for money, continue to remain positive in thought, maintain a cam positive demeanor, and when necessary, be quiet and ignore even when you feel you’re right in a situation. That’s true transformation of the heart.

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