#HoldYourHead: #ThinkingPositive in the Midst of Adversity – Possible?

When God is on your side, they can delay you, but can’t stop you.

The LORD knows all your secrets

Ever wonder why bad things keep happening to you throughout your life? Truth is, you’ll never stop experiencing adversity until the day comes that you are no more of this world. Get used to it. Things happen to everyone, not just you. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you to maintain a positive mindset in the midst of all the nonsense you experience. From getting dumped in relationships, family issues, fired from your job after being set up by your employer and co-workers, scammed out of money by family members and fake friends, and only acknowledged by a few people when you’re doing good are some of unlimited issues people face. Through the nonsense, you can still grow as an individual spiritually, entrepreneurially, and achieve greatness in your life through prayer and believing in The Lord Jesus Christ. Adversity happens in your life as a test to see what you’re made of spiritual. It’s your choice if you allow adversities to make or break you.


Your true character, Believe it or not, comes out when you’re tested in front of people. Out of the heart the mouth speaketh. It’s all about “Mind Over Matter,” despite what anyone says to your face or behind your back or even indirectly. A person who speaks anything obtuse behind your back or indirectly is Les. Less. Less. Especially if that person is in a position of leadership. A true leader is a mentor to someone to not only coach them, but to bring out the best in them. Not to tear them down. Leaders who resort to subliminal tactics of directly or indirectly saying or doing things to a person represents they have inadequate training from their parents. Are you listening? And yet, it’s all about mind over matter. Positive thinking has a unique way to look past all the nonsense and keep you in the direction of moving forward for success.


Whatever you’re going through right now in life, just look at it as a training exercise. A spiritual training exercise at that. It’s training you to handle the Small Potatoes you’re dealt with for now in order to mentally exercise you for the dictators you’ll have to deal with later down the road. Don’t sweat the small stuff and don’t worry about the little people. Your positive mindset will not only help you continue moving forward in a positive direction, but open doors of spontaneous opportunity no one can hinder you from walking through. Most importantly, nobody can stop the Lord Jesus Christ who is God and God Alone. Never give up in the uncertain game called life, and never back down nor bow down to people regardless of what it costs you. Only bow to God and God only!

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